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Need Not, Wear Well

Need Not is a small design studio made up of Heather Leake and Olivia Terrell, two southern ladies who both attended the University of Georgia and studied photography and jewelry/metalworking, respectively. Their friendship began on an art school study abroad program in the rainforest of Costa Rica, but they lost touch after graduation as Olivia set off to Spain and Heather moved up to NYC.

Eight years and various career endeavors later, Heather and Olivia reconnected over drinks at a small bar in Manhattan.  Brimming with like-minded goals and aspirations they conspired to join forces.  As plans fell into place, collaboration brought with it a camaraderie and an excitement for the unknown, much like their time shared abroad.

Born out of a desire to spread beauty together, Need Not creates jewelry not simply as adornment, but as an extension of self. Carefully crafted shapes transform the jewelry into a full composition with the body, making the wearing experience comfortable and timeless. Need Not designs artful essentials for the person looking to collect, not merely consume.